Every Damn New Year’s Cliche

So, I tried to avoid posting on New Year’s Day, even though I really was going to take this semester break as an opportunity to get caught up on many things in life, this blog among them.

But it struck me as I was going to WalMart to get workout pants, batteries for our heart monitors, and hand weights that I was living the New Year’s cliches.  Now, since I’m great at justifying, I did manage to justify it all by saying I’ve been losing weight since September 2007 (I’m hovering at the 110 pounds lost right now, but hey, I have hand weights, it should get better!).  I’ve exercised on and off for that long too, but have been at it seriously since September 2008.  I even hit 7 straight weeks on Wiifit this morning.

To keep things fresh, I got “My Fitness Trainer” for the Wii yesterday (yeah, more cliche!), thus the heart monitor batteries and hand weights.  And then, after getting all of that and blowing up a stability ball, Maya, My Fitness Trainer (your fitness trainer, everyone’s fitness trainer!) didn’t even use the silly things.  Although pumping up a stability ball should count as exercise in and of itself!

So, I’ve got diet and exercise down.  And I’m doing some little things about organization and time management.  Little.  But so far, manageable and not too scary.  We’ll see what happens when the semester starts.

And I think I’m gonna try the “100 skeins challenge”–can I finish off 100 skeins of yarn this year?  Now, getting 100 skeins is not a challenge (or, if it is, I think I’ve already met it).  But actually using the yarn I have?  At any rate, what really inspired this post was to try to keep track of the skeins I finish and since I finished 2 today, lemme log ’em.  I finished a skein of blue Lions Brand Suede that I’m making a prayer shawl with and a skein of tan Eskimo that I’m making a sweater with.  I thought about adding pictures (of the work in progress?  of the end of the skein?  of the empty label?) but decided against that since it would just get in the way of blogging about it.  Maybe I’ll do photos of things as I finish them?  I have a box of scarves going off to the Special Olympics this week.  They look pretty cool, all blue and white.  Sadly, none of them has finished a skein.

So, the skein total as of today is 2.  Oh boy!


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